Address: Piazza Umberto I, Vittorito


We know, from a manuscript kept in the parish, that the construction of the church was started at some point during the reign of Queen Giovanna II who was crowned in Naples in 1415 and died in 1435. The masonry work was completed in 1511, as is shown by a plaque inside the church.
The facade has a stone portal, with a classical frame and an architrave on ledges with a Marian emblem which reads: AVE MARIA. On the portal there are three frescoes which have unfortunately been spoiled by the elements. At the centre, in line with the portal, you can see the Virgin and Child Enthroned, with a frame flanked by two candlesticks on a reddy-brown background.  On the left Sant'Eramo is sitting, dressed as a bishop, and on the right is St. Christopher who was often painted on the facades of churches as patron saint of the travellers who were devoted to him.
On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the building of the church, the round staircase in Maiella stone with the bronze door of the Annunciation were built.
The church initially had two aisles and was enlarged in the 17th century. Today it has three naves, the central one with a barrel vault and the side ones with vaulted ceilings. The apse and the vault of the church are decorated with paintings executed in 1857 by the painter Tito Orlando.  His name and the date are shown at the bottom of one of the paintings. On the vault of the church angels are depicted and in the presbytery are the Nativity, the Annunciation and the Assumption of the Virgin.  On the left-hand wall is the Marriage of the Virgin and on the right St. Joachim, St. Anne and the Virgin child. 
On the left-hand wall of the church there is a triptych of St. Apollonia, St. Peter and St. Rocco. The three paintings are separated by decorated bands.  The saints are painted in black, white and red and are in perspective
Inside the church are three wooden statues depicting the Madonna and Child which vary both in size and in workmanship: Our Lady of the Snows, Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the village. 
In the left aisle is a stone recess with a niche finished with shells and with a frame topped by a lintel with carved angels' heads. On the side columns are two carved candlesticks with lit candles and below, in the middle, is the head of an angel and at the sides the insciption AVE VIRGO MATER CHRISTI 1511.
The niche contains a statue of Our Lady of Grace sitting on a throne with Child. Behind the high altar is the statue of the Madonna del Borgo, from 1512 according to the inscription behind it. The statue is covered with a golden cape, the Madonna and Child have silver crowns and a silver rose is in the right hand of the Virgin.